Music Therapy Department

The Music Therapy at Sirindhorn National Medical Rehabilitation Institute was established in 2009. Its purpose is to develop standard practices for Music Therapy in rehabilitation to enable other professionals such as Occupational Therapist and Physical Therapist to be able to benefit from using Music Therapy and expand the program nationwide. The program is focused on using music elements to create music activities such as singing, instrument playing, listening and movement together with the medical rehabilitation knowledge in order to achieve non-music goals. The therapy has both individual and group application according to the needs and goals of each patient. The patients who attend the clinic have a wide range of disabilities and come in all age group.

Patients conditions
1. Adult: Patient with Physical and Psychosocial Dysfunction
2. Children: Cerebral Palsy, Autistic, ADHD, LD, Delay development etc.


1. Individual music therapy (Adult/ Children)

2. Group music therapy (Adult/ Children)