Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Department of Sirindhorn National Medical Rehabilitation Institute is provided clinical treatment and rehabilitation with health promotion and prevents complications for patients and disabilities. Our goal is provide a response to a Center of Excellence of the international medical rehabilitation in tertiary care, research and more.

Physical Therapy Department is provided counseling, rehabilitation and treatment with physical therapy techniques and equipments to improve patients or disabilities to go to their daily lives with the best quality depend on each.

Counter Service
New patients and old patients present their appointment card to register their treatment for physical therapy. It includes the appointment time and how to be served here.

How to be served with physical therapy clinic:OPD
1. See a doctor at out patient department and follow doctor ordering for physical therapy.
2. Take the patient’s file with prescription to contact with physical therapy department at the first floor.
3. Register and make the appointment date and time.
4. Come to be served with physical therapy service from the given appointment.

How to be served with physical therapy clinic:IPD
1. Doctor check and give doctor ordering for physical therapy
2. Nurse of staff make the appointment date and time with the patients
3. Patients are served due to the appointment date and time

Electrical Room

Electrical room is served for relief the pain, swelling and edema of the patients who are suffered from musculoskeletal disorder by using the electrical equipments and physical therapy technique such as superficial heat, deep heat, electrical stimulation, neck and back traction together with mobilization and manipulation and several styles of exercises.

Patient’s group is musculoskeletal disorder like neck pain, shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, back pain, spinal stenosis, HPN, spondylosis, OA knee, Rheumatoid arthritis and sport injury by using the electrical equipment, mobilization and manipulation and exercise.

Exercise Room

Exercise room is served as for a rehabilitation and movement by exercising which mean to improve to ability of bed mobility, sitting balance, standing balance, standing and walking of the patients.

Moreover there will be good plan to coordinate with multidisciplinary team to take care good care of patients, disability and care givers to understand and know about how to take care and train correctly and make good altitude to go to the social with proud.

Patient’s group
1. Paraplegia or Quadriplegia who suffered from spinal cord injury due to accident from Encephalomyelitis virus infection, nerve or spinal cord compression.
2. Hemiplegia who suffered from cerebrovascular disease (hemorrhage or infraction), Meningitis and traumatic brain injury or accident.
3. Amputee or older people who suffered from the movement problems.
4. Child delay development from cerebral palsy or down syndrome.

Robotic gait training

Robotic gait training is served by treadmill with supporting walking equipment that controlled by computer. The leg of the robot is used for supporting and lifting the hip and both legs in order to help the patients to move like the act of walking with the method of motor control and have suitable biofeedback such as the showing of muscle response by computer monitor or walking games in the real situation and can use with both the young and the old


Hydrotherapy is served for patients and disability by using warm water, whirlpool and Hydrophysio to relief, relax and make the strength of the body that is suitable for painful patients like neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, back pain, hemiplegia or hemiparesis, paraplegia, cerebral palsy and adult.